Frontline Oral Defense Dental Chews for Small Dogs, 28 Chews

Prevent plaque build-up with the chew that works two ways for one healthy mouth.First it cleans - The chewy texture scrubs plaque off teeth all the way to the gumline, where dangerous plaque likes to hide.Then it coats - The delectable heart-shaped center coats the entire mouth as your dog chews, for a tasty, whole-mouth cleanThen it lasts - Noticeably clean breath lasts all day after a chew, so you know you're preventing dangerous plaque build-up at the gumline, a source of bad breath if left to build upLess than 2 minutes a day keeps the plaque away - The average dog savors FRONTLINE Oral Defense for 3 minutes, but less than 2 minutes of chewing a day is all it takes for the full plaque-prevention benefits.