Fredrick Ramond

Vida Orb Chandelier by Fredrick Ramond

The Vida Orb Chandelier by Fredrick Ramond is a glamorous and sweeping display of mixed materials. Curved, sculptural steel pieces layered with crystal accents and candelabras extend outward to form a large orb-like silhouette. Supported by a decorative loop and a round canopy with unique textured detailing, this piece is a dramatic and stylized sputnik that casts an inviting layer of light on its surroundings. Charming and statement worthy, this chandelier lends an elegant touch to the home. Family owned and operated, Fredrick Ramond produces artisan-crafted lighting options for the home. Seamless styles and curated collections inspire each Fredrick Ramond piece, focusing on crafting products for the sophisticated and current palate. Known primarily for their hand-finished pendant lights and modern chandeliers, Fredrick Ramond lighting designs feature custom details that are suited to fit the most curated of tastes.