Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle Women's Bigarade Concentree Parfum - Size 0.34 Oz REFILL

CONCENTRATED EAU DE COLOGNE A concentrated cologne, a lasting freshness. About the Perfume: Marked by the lightness, transparency and freshness that are characteristic of an Eau de Cologne, this original composition by Jean-Claude Ellena is transcended by the addition of a novel bitter orange essence, obtained by molecular distillation. Built on a singular bitter freshness, an excess of citric notes, a touch of rose and a woody base of hay and cedar reinforce its unique and natural structure. More perfuming than Cologne Bigarade, Bigarade Concentree exudes a lasting natural freshness. About the Perfumer: Born into a family of perfumers from Grasse, Jean-Claude Ellena was introduced to the art of developing fragrances as a teenager. Self-taught, he defines his creations as a "poetry of memory." Everyday smells; wax floors, clean sheets, skin, an old sweater - are his greatest inspiration. Jean Claude Ellena never raises his voice, although he is heard loud and clear. His signature is si. Fragrances - Frederic Malle > Saks Fifth Avenue > Barneys. Frédéric Malle. Size: 0.34 Oz REFILL.