Foundry Select

Papier-Mâché Roots Shadow Box Wall Décor Foundry Select

Our Papier-Mâché roots shadow box wall décor can turn any room in your home/office into a contemporary, upscale space. The process of making this art is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of technics. It started with the selection of tree barks. Then bathe them inside spring water and boil for 48 hours. After that, we rinse it under running water to clear out all the impurities before the bleaching process. Finally, after drying, we start to shape all the “papers” by hand following a specific design. With hours of sun-drying to get rid of all the moisture, we then smoke it using natural wood to add color and aging effect. It comes with a sturdy, solid wood shadow box frame and velvet felt on the entire backside for wall protection. All three styles are all exquisitely handmade and full of details, ready to elevate any room to a new level of sophistication. Foundry Select