Fornasetti - Clown Maxi Vase

Create a statement in any room of the home with this Clown Maxi vase from Fornasetti. Beautifully crafted, this luxurious large vase is perfect for displaying as a decorative piece on a dining table, side surface or windowsill. Displaying the iconic face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri, the design is finished with humorous clown features and a reverse which leaves only the gold highlights. A great addition to any interior or luxury gift idea for the new home owner or designer enthusiast. Expertly handcrafted in Italy, each piece has been created using the rigorous techniques deployed in the brand's very first designs made by Piero Fornasetti himself, a tradition which has been revived and continued by his son Barnaba. Key features: * Decorative vase * Material: porcelain * Dimensions: H50cm * Face of Lina Cavalieri * Gold color detail * A celebration of the brand's rich visual heritage * Expertly handcrafted in Italy * Using the brand's longstanding techniques