Fleur De Lis Living

Ridgeville Welcome Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat Fleur De Lis Living Mat Size: Rectangle 2' x 4'9"

Rubber-Cal's doormat is a natural coconut matting product that brings a warm welcome to any home doorway. This doormat is a charming centerpiece for the entrance to your home and adds a unique design to the aesthetic of the traditional front doormat. These coco coir mats contain a classic design, eco-friendly materials, and an abrasive coconut matting surface that will scrape away mess from incoming foot traffic. The natural brown color of the surface of this doormat brings an organic feel to any home or small business doorway at an affordable price. This durable front doormat gives your visitors a warm welcome as they step into your home. In addition to its timeless character, this decorative floor mat is also made from eco-friendly materials! This coconut matting is made mostly by hand and from husked coconuts, the fibers of which are woven together to shape these coco coir mats. As a result, these coco coir mats have very little impact on the environment. The same fibrous material that gives this welcome doormat its natural brown color also behaves as a scraping surface for incoming foot traffic. By removing unwanted liquids and debris from foot traffic to keep it from being tracked inside, this front doormat keeps your home clean and dry. Lined with PVC backing, this decorative floor mat can withstand the test of time with mold and mildew resistance that allows it to endure even the wettest conditions. When it comes to coco coir mats that provide a reliable, functional surface, Rubber-Cal's doormat is a perfect choice! Enhance the look of any front entryway with this eco-friendly approach to the traditional front doormat. This coconut matting will provide a functional scraping surface while maintaining a low environmental profile. Try this friendly entryway addition and greet your guests with style today! Fleur De Lis Living Mat Size: Rectangle 2' x 4'9"