Fiesta Novelty Baking and Roasting Dish Fiesta Color: Lapis

In the world of kitchen wares, few objects are as homey as the humble skillet. With a round body punctuated by a sturdy handle, the skillet evokes sweet memories of breakfast sizzling and the heady scent of bacon filling the air. Memories like these, shared by all, across oceans and generations, were the inspiration behind Fiesta® dinnerware’s most recent addition to the line: the individual skillet baker. The skillet baker’s curvy shape features an oval body and gently sloping sides that extend up to the handle forming a tear-drop-like silhouette. The handle’s u-shaped contouring is the perfect spot to rest your fork and makes easy work of gripping a piping hot dish straight out of the oven. To be clear, the individual skillet baker is not to be used on the stove top or over open flame. It is a beautiful piece of ceramic ware, and like all Fiesta dinnerware, it can safely be used in the oven and microwave. Fiesta Color: Lapis