Farberware 9 Piece Aluminum Non Stick Cookware Set Farberware Color: Black

Upgrade your cookware to new levels of stacked and intact convenience with the 9 Piece Aluminum Non Stick Cookware Set. Part of the Farberware® line of innovative neat nest stackable cookware, this set of essential saucepans, saucepots and versatile skillets is crafted from high-performance, even-heating aluminum. Ingenious and space-saving, neat nest items nest within each other to maximize storage space while minimizing the dents and dings from stacking unmatched pots and pans together in the kitchen. Saucepans nest within saucepans, saucepots nest within saucepots, and skillets nest within skillets. Handles are double-riveted for strength and interlock with other neat nest handles of like items so cookware surfaces and nonstick surfaces are protected from scratches. Shatter-resistant glass lids seal in heat and moisture and also act as a convenient base when saucepans or saucepots are nested inside each other. On the stovetop, an enhanced nonstick interior provides fantastic food release and easy cleanup of even sticky and gooey recipes like Moroccan chicken tagine with olives or a spicy kung pao chicken spaghetti. Plus, the cookware is for finishing off soy-glazed pork tenderloin with baby roasted potatoes or pulling off other great stove-to-oven recipes. Farberware Color: Black