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Wool, Cotton Tabriz 50 Raj Rug, 5' 2" X 7' 1"

Wool, Cotton Tabriz 50 Raj Rug, 5' 2" X 7' 1"Condition: New ConditionManufacturing: Knotted by handSize: 5' 2" x 7' 1" , Size (Euro in cm): 158x217Knot density: approx 490 000 knots per m�Country: PersianPile: Wool Warp: Cotton Coverage Area (sqft): 36.91More Description: Information about Tabriz 50 Raj carpet from Persia / Iran. This carpet is knotted in workshops in the city of Tabriz in northwestern Persia. It is a sturdy durable carpet with a short rough pile. The patterns can consist of a centrally placed medallion surrounded by arabesques, weeping willows and cypresses. Another popular motif is the four seasons, describing the Persian farmers life during spring, summer, autumn and winter. Read more about Tabriz carpets here... Fancy Tabriz