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Wool, Cotton Pakistan Bokhara 2Ply Rug,

Wool, Cotton Pakistan Bokhara 2Ply Rug,Condition: New ConditionManufacturing: Knotted by handSize: 2' 10" x 4' 11" , Size (Euro in cm): 87x149Knot density: approx 360 000 knots per m�Country: PakistanPile: Wool Warp: Cotton Coverage Area (sqft): 13.95More Description: Information about Pakistan Bokhara 2ply carpet from Pakistan. This carpet is knotted in a number of workshops in the Kashmir area that stretches between Pakistan and India. The carpet is made with fine wool and has a high knot density which gives durable carpets. Today, these carpets are considered to be some of the finest carpets manufactured in Pakistan. Read more about Pakistani carpets here... Fancy Pakistan / Kashmir