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Wool, Cotton Bakhtiari Sherkat Farsh Rug, 6' 8" X 10' 3"

Wool, Cotton Bakhtiari Sherkat Farsh Rug, 6' 8" X 10' 3"Condition: New ConditionManufacturing: Knotted by handSize: 6' 8" x 10' 3" , Size (Euro in cm): 204x312Knot density: approx 220 000 - 320 000 knots per m�Country: PersianPile: Wool Warp: Cotton Coverage Area (sqft): 68.51More Description: Information about Bakhtiari Sherkat Farsh carpet from Persia / Iran. The Bakhtiari carpet is famous for their pattern with different squared garden motifs. The carpet is very durable and can also occur with medallions. The wool is considered to be the best in Persia, since the wool comes from sheep which graze in the mountatins thus making the wool fat and shiny. These beautiful carpets are often collector's items among the Persian carpets. Read more about Bakhtiari carpets here... The foundation "Sherkat Farsh" was founded about 70 years ago. The purpose with the foundation was to uphold the traditions of the Persian carpet culture and to maintain the quality in the country's carpet production. Read more about Sherkat Farsh here... Fancy Bakhtiari