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Milano Keshan Patina Rug, Handmade

Milano Keshan Patina Rug, HandmadeCondition: New ConditionManufacturing: Knotted by handSize: 7' 10" x 10' 11" , Size (Euro in cm): 238x334Knot density: approx 250 000 knots per m�Country: PersianPile: Wool Warp: Cotton Coverage Area (sqft): 85.56More Description: Information about Keshan Patina carpet from Persia / Iran. CarpetFancy Patina is a series of carefully selected carpets. These carpets have a certain wear that does not reduce the impression of them, and is in fact part of their beautiful natural aging process. Common to these selected carpets is that they are at least 40 years old and have an elegance and harmony in both pattern and colour. We select them in order to preserve the great cultural heritage and to allow them to be discovered by a new generation. All Patina carpets are washed, then thoroughly examined for any potential damage that might compromise the carpet's continued sustainability. If the pile is unevenly worn or if the surface layer of the pile is damaged this is carefully and gently polished down to give a beautiful smooth surface. The end result is the best of both worlds, a sustainable carpet which clearly perceives the majestic feeling that only an older carpet can reflect. You also get a beautiful carpet that will not only continue to increase in value, but that is moreover a pleasure to behold. These older oriental carpets are unique works of art that deserve to be preserved and used by several generations to come. Read more about restoration here... This carpet is knotted in central Persia. The carpet with a high quality usually have medallion patterns with floral fields, but variations occur. The patterns from the Keshan carpet is often used as originals for machine manufactured carpets. The Keshan carpet is represented in most European courts. Read more about Keshan carpets here... Fancy Keshan