Fairly Odd Novelties

Fairly Odd Novelties Smile Teeth Denture Shaped ICE Tray Mold Perfect Gag or White Elephant Gift for Dentists or Seniors makes 4 Cubes, One Size, Pink

Get the perfect Dentist gag gift! - let’s face it, It’s hard to find something hilarious about dentistry. But nonetheless, here it is. Bring the smiles to your next party! - Imagine looking down into that glass and seeing a perfectly-formed, highly detailed set of teeth. Need I say more? Mold All kinds of stuff into perfect teeth! - Don’t stop at funny ice cubes. You can use these tooth-shaped molds to make hilarious fondants, gelatins, castings, and more! A hilarious gag gift for seniors! - ready to make the old guys laugh? Perfect, put some teeth in that drink and see what happens! Order with Confidence! - industry standard silicone construction means your trays are easy to clean, and will stay with you for years. Enjoy!, Weight: 0.17 Pounds, Manufacturer: Fairly Odd Treasures LLC - Kitchen