Garden Hose High Pressure Spray Nozzle with 3.5oz Soap Dispenser

High Pressure, Leak-Proof DesignThe garden hose nozzle is high-pressure industrial design spray distance high up to 19 - 26ft, and it was pretty good strong water pressure power. Sturdy Design and a Rubber Hose Washer provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate the leak.Trigger lock Grip, Labor-SavingThe hose nozzle has an ergonomic and comfortable handle, with a locking buckle on the bottom, it can keep the water remains on without you holding the trigger for the whole time.2 in 1 Sprayer, Easy to UseThe hose nozzle sprayer with the bottle is switched freely between foam and water, to give you the cleanest car washing experience. Designed with foam storage, can mix soap or fertilizer, 3-way foam flow control switch mode.8 Spraying Patterns, VersatileThis foam sprayer has 8 watering patterns: Cone, Jet, Center, Mist, Shower, Rinse, Flat, and Stream. You can rotate the nozzle to select the spray pattern you need. Foam lance will speed up your washing or watering routine.