Birch Picture Frame, Solid Wood Photo Frame, Classic Picture Frame, Choose Size 3x3 4x4 4x6 5x5 5x7 A5 5.8x8.3 5.5x8.5 6x6 6x8 7x7 7x9 8.5X11 8x8 A4 8.3x11.7 8x10 10x10 8x12 11X14 A3 11.7x16.5

This is solid birch wood picture frame, 100% Handmade from solid birch wood. Superior handmade quality. Frame is coated with clear linseed oil and have natural wood look. Choose your size (sizes specifies picture/artwork dimensions which you want to frame): 4x4" - (10x10 cm) 4x6" - (10x15 cm) 5x5" - (13x13 cm) 5x7" - (13x18 cm) 5.5x8.5" 6x6" - (15x15 cm) 6x8" - (15x21 cm) 7x7" 7x9" 8x8" - (20x20 cm) 8x10" 8x12" - (20x30 cm) 10x10" 8,5x11" 11x14" This is great GIFT for everyone. It will be beautiful WALL DECOR FOR YOUR HOME. You can chose an option if you want frame with hanger for the wall or table stand or both. FRAME MATERIAL: our frames are made from unique material: Natural Baltic birch plywood. This ecological material has very much benefits, it is very strong, water resistant and has special design possibilities since it is glued from a lot of birch veneer sheets which makes unique stripy look on cut side. It is unique for picture frame making qualities. The unique charm of this natural wood also means that no two are exactly alike! COLOR: Photo frames are coated with linseed oil which creates a natural look. Our frame coating is Certified for children toys. GLASS: anti reflective Plexiglas from one side, from other side glossy. You can turn side of glass you like most- anti reflective or glossy. BACKING: is made from Natural Birch Plywood sheet with its beautiful texture. Backing is kept by flexible metal tabs. HANGERS: unique easy hanging system which is embedded in frame like cut in frames edges. It hangs very easy and provides fitting to wall without gaps. It is ready to hang in landscape or portrait position. Only one screw or nail on the wall is needed. TABLE STAND: Table stand is unique in design and easy to set up. It is made from wooden dowel.