Evelyn Hope Collection

Gray Velvet Pillow With Crystal Pearl Pin, Gray Silver Fleur

Introducing our custom made luxurious boutique collection velvet pillow-pin sets from Evelyn Hope. Silver Fleur di Lis is also a necklace-pin and includes a matching chain. Our velvet pillow are rich, soft velvet with hand-beaded trim and a zippered back cover. Our exclusive pins are removable in aged metals with sparkling, vibrant crystals. Perfectly sized 12x24 for sofas, chairs, beds or benches. They look stunning when displayed with different types of pillow prints and fabrics or with a pretty throw blanket. Includes pillow insert, cover and pin shown and elegantly presented in a sheer fabric pillow bag. Color- This is silver grey very elegant and the jewels really shine on them with the contrast in the dark color and the metals.This is an exclusive design by Evelyn Hope Collection and you won't find anything quite like this anywhere else. Pins can be changed for every reason and season and can even be displayed throughout your home or event and worn out on the town. Orders are hand crafted per order. Limited Qty.