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World Map Metal Wall Art 36 tall x 60 wide 7 Continents Choose your Patina Color, Choose a Size and With or Without Antarctica

World Map Metal Wall Art Home Decor 36 tall x 60 wide 7 Continents Handmade Choose your Patina Color and Size Measurements: Five pieces (Antarctica included) 22.5w x 27.5h, 6w x 9h, 23w x 33h, 7.5w x 12.5h and 36w X 4h. When Ordering: Choose your Patina Color from Color Palette in second photo. Choose your World Map Size 50, 60 or 72 Wide. Each map is offered with or without Antarctica. Maps that are 50 and 60 wide are 4 pieces without Antarctica and 5 pieces with Antarctica. Maps that are 72, 80 and 100 wide are 6 pieces without Antarctica and 7 pieces with Antarctica. To order Hawaii, Iceland, New Zealand or Thailand, see this link: Hanging: Stand offs serve as hanging brackets and keep it 3/4 from your fence or wall to create a unique look with cool shadows. The top two 3/4 deep stand offs serve as hanging brackets on each of the world map pieces. Start with the largest piece. Simply use two medium sized nails with a head on them and leave 1/8 exposed for the top two stand offs to rest on. Shipping: I offer free shipping within the United States. Shipping fees will apply to items that ship to the European Union or the UK. Shipping fees do not include VAT or Value Added Tax charged by countries or local governments outside the U.S.A. I cut this WORLD MAP from very durable 1/8 thick steel. Each sign is MADE TO ORDER making it a unique item. No two are exactly the same. Looks nice hanging on your wall where you need to fill a large space. Many other signs, symbols, words and phrases available in my shop. To see my other shop items: Thanks for viewing my work! Chris