Esmaili Rugs

Consigned, Vintage Overdyed Purple Area Rug with Gun Design, 9'8x12'8

80242 Vintage Overdyed Purple Area Rug with Gun Design. This overdyed vintage Persian Tabriz rug in violet-blue is far from plain and simple. It's all about making a statement with drama, boldness and elegance. In this unique distressed rug, the intricately illustrated Revolver Gun design has been given a sophisticated twist by designing it in a rich and saturated jewel-tone violet-blue, making it a colorful and a luxurious addition for forward thinking fashionistas and modern interiors. In a world of bland, cookie-cutter, staged interiors, it is refreshing to see something unexpected and totally different. The detailed process involves distressing, overdying and then the artist shaves the rug to create the Revolver Gun design. Draw elements from the past and create an interesting representation using touches of this Gothic design style with a contemporary spin. This eccentric style is about setting a particular kind of atmosphere which should be moody and fairly dark. With its simple yet superior versatility, guns and revolvers will continue to make a statement and remain a fashion icon for a very long time.PRODUCTION TIME: Available NowIN THE STYLE OF: GothicPLACE OF ORIGIN: IranDATE OF MANUFACTURE: 1940sPERIOD: Mid-20th CenturyMATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES: Hand-Knotted Cotton, Hand-Knotted WoolCONDITION: Distressed