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Bloomers Self-Watering Rail Planter Grow Box – 24" Weatherproof Resin Planter – Up to 6" Railings – Brown

Got a green thumb? With the Bloomers Rail Planter Grow Box, you can enjoy harvesting herbs, vegetables, and flowers even if you live somewhere with limited space. Now you can create beautiful, full-fledged gardens practically anywhere. In addition, the 24” length of this rail planter can accommodate twice the amount of plants as a normal-sized rail planter. Made from durable polyethylene resin, this planter can withstand any weather conditions and won’t crack. And because it's HDPE, it is BPA free and perfectly safe to contact edibles at it does not contain, nor ever leach, harmful chemicals. Additionally, the planter drainage holes allow deep plant roots to breathe and prevent stagnant water from accumulating. The best feature is the insertable soil trays that form a small pocket of air just above the water line and below plant roots. This allows for proper aeration as roots take up water from the reservoir and completely self watering for several days with virtually no water loss to evaporation. There's even an included mulch cover to prevent water loss, maintain moisture and heat levels and block weeds! This mulch cover is a great way to turn your grow box into a seed starter or a mini-green house. The Bloomers Railing Planter is designed for dimensional lumber and metal railings that are 1.25” to 3.875” wide (2x1, 2x4 and 2x6 railings traditionally). The smaller interior rail recess measures 1.375" at the upper dimension and 1.625" at the opening. The larger interior rail recess measures 3.5" at the upper dimension and 4" at the opening. The flat bottom width measures 6" across (for setting on top of 6" boards). Stabilizer fasteners are provided to install this rail planter on your deck or balcony rails. Just insert at the desired spacing and gently pound in with a rubber mallet. You can further secure the planter with tie downs, bungie cords or by using wood screws and screwing the planter directly into the railing (use caution when drilling screws through the plastic and wood railings). Enjoy planting and harvesting from your outdoor railings, or beautify your front porch with vibrant flowers in the Bloomers Rail Planter from EMSCO Group. read more