Eli Peer Oriental Rugs

Consigned Anatolian Turkish Hand Made Oriental Rug, Multi, 3'11" X 7'3"

Ushak rugs have been in production since the 15th century with superb wools and natural dyes. Unlike other Turkish rugs, Ushak rugs influenced after Persian rugs and they woven with Ghiordies knots and all double knotted, their design is feature intricate motifs of vines and leaves and typically based on geometric motifs.This is an authentic hand made rug. It was made in Turkey in the Anatolian region around the 1920s or 1930s. Its size is very close to 3 feet 11 inches by 7 feet 3 inches .The materials are wool pile with wool as the base. The colors are from vegetable dyes, and the general pattern is geometric with medallions a repeated motif inside of several borders.The overall condition is excellent, especially when its age is taken into consideration. The side bindings are intact and original. The ends are fringed and overcast for strength have their original selvage. The pile is high even and low as originally intended. The rug has been professionally washed.