Eisch Superior Petite Syrah Sensis Plus Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glass, Set of 2, 21-Ounce

The Eisch family of Frauenau, Germany has been instrumental in the art glass movement in Germany for over 300 years. In 1952, they opened their first factory for the production of crystal stemware, barware, decanters and accessory pieces and has since become one of Germany's leading crystal manufacturers. Eisch Sensis Plus Wine glass is designed to take the guess work out of which glass. The shape of the glass allows air to pass across the surface of the wine on the way to the nose and palate. The proprietary SensisPlus manufacturing process is an added step the glass goes through after manufacturing. Within minutes of simply pouring wine into a SensisPlus crystal glass, it allows the complexity and potential of the wine to show to its full advantage, revealing the wine's characteristics and hidden layers to the nose and palate. This is achieved in the glass without touching, agitating or swirling. This not only works with wine, but in the SensisPlus barware with all types of spirits, as well. It even works with coffee and tea! There are no sprays or coatings to wear off. No odd shaped glasses with far reaching claims needed. The crystal is dishwasher safe and the technology lasts forever. No gimmicks. No gadgets. No equal. Made in Germany. Experience SensisPlus We invite you to experience SensisPlus glasses by conducting a comparative test. Compare the SensisPlus glass with your best quality non-SensisPlus glass in similar size and shape. Pour the same amount of wine from a freshly opened bottle of wine into each of the glasses. Do not touch, agitate, or swirl the wine in either glass. After a few minutes, check the bouquet and taste of the wine in the standard glass and then do the same with the wine in the SensisPlus glass. Experience the best of your wine without the time.