Ebern Designs

Cucina Rail Wall Mounted Pot Rack Ebern Designs Size: 2" H x 24" W x 2" D

Use the hanging rails to tidy up your garage, organize your hardware, and to show everyone how handy you can be. This kitchen rail is ideal for displaying and organizing your cooking gear with ease. The wall mount bar will give your kitchen an aesthetic upgrade and you won’t have to haphazardly stack your cookware. This will prevent your non-stick cookware from getting damaged and will help you save up on money. With this organizational rod, clutter will be a problem of the past. Organize your jewelry, hats, coats, belts, umbrella’s, scarves, sneakers, crafts, cooking supplies, sewing supplies, office, and school supplies. The wall mount cookware kitchen organizer rod will help you to: organize and declutter your kitchen counter and cabinets. Save money on kitchen storage and organization solutions. Make room in your cabinets for other stuff. Use the multi-purpose wall mount bar in your bathroom, closets, kitchen, garage, foyer, or entryway. There are endless possibilities to decorate, organize, and tidy up. Ebern Designs Size: 2" H x 24" W x 2" D