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Alyda 5 Piece Cereal / Soup Bowl Set Ebern Designs

The Alyda 5 Piece Cereal / Soup Bowl Set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. The simplistic yet elegant pattern fits most any style or aesthetic and is sure to add a delightful pop of color to your kitchen table. This decorative soup bowl is naturally porous, which makes it insulated and heat-resistant. Now, your soup will stay warm, but your hands won’t get too hot while holding the bowl! This smooth and stylish ceramic bowl is also microwave and oven safe, so if you need to quickly reheat your meal, you won’t have to dirty two dishes to do it. And, to make your cooking and eating experience even easier, it is also dishwasher safe. When you’re done eating, simply throw your ceramic hot cereal and soup bowl in the dishwasher to clean so it’ll be ready for you to grab whenever you need, without having to stand at the sink and clean them by hand. Ebern Designs