EB Florals

EB Florals Women's Kingston Osmanthus Eau de Parfum - Size 3.4 Oz.

The first 8 scents of the EB Florals Collection were all created around Eric Buterbaugh's favorite flowers: those he uses daily in his sumptuous creations, like the Rose and the Hyacinth, or those that he has a secret affinity for and uses more sparingly, like the Violet and the Lily of the Valley. The new scent, Kingston Osmanthus, had a different genesis. Kingston Osmanthus was born out of a conversation between Eric and Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas. Mr. Morillas had become fascinated for a while by the fragile beauty and intense, almost musky smell of the white Osmanthus buds he has brought back from a recent trip to China. The two decided to create a fragrance that would pay homage to some of the most beautiful notes of the EB Florals Collection and orchestrate them around a core of Osmanthus. Mr. Morillas wanted to stay as close to the natural form of the flower as possible, and it proved a bit of a challenge: the Osmanthus flower blooms just once a year for a period of a month. The miniscu. Fragrances - Eb Florals > Saks Fifth Avenue. EB Florals. Size: 3.4 Oz.