Corner Sectional, Brick, 36", Wooden Legs

Stretch out for some peace and quiet on your duo 6-n-1 sectional or pile on the whole family. Relax and catch up on the duobed sectional, then turn it into twin beds or a king bed for the night. Move the storage ottomans this way or that and you have chairs, sofas, beds, even a pretty cool fort for the kids. The possibilities are endless with the duo sectional. Back supports are included for furniture arranged away from walls. What's Included: (5) Ottomans(4) Sofa Back Pillows(4) Back support/armrestsEach 30" ottoman = 30” x 30” x 18”2 ottomans = 30” x 60” Sofa4 ottomans = 60” x 60” sectional Each ottoman = 36” x 36” x 18”2 ottomans = 36” x 72” Sofa4 ottomans = 72” x 72” sectional / king bed