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Elf Stor Premium Christmas Tree Poly Extra Large Storage Bag 9' x 6'

If you are looking for a way to store away your Christmas tree, but don't want to take it apart completely and try to stuff it into a duffel bag, then Elf Stor has just what you need. This 3mil thick Poly bags are designed to protect your Christmas tree while it is still standing. All you have to do is take the bag off next year and decorate your tree. No more trying to figure out what part is "Part A" and what part is "Part B".Not only are the Elf Stor Extra Large Poly Bags great for storing your Christmas Trees, they can also be used for covering furniture such as couches and love seats while in storage, during renovations and painting, or just because you want to keep them clean.Elf Stor poly bags are thick enough to last year after year. At 3 mil thick, you won't find one more heavy duty for the price.