Dried Soy Beans- Organic Sprouting Seed - 1/2 Lbs (8 Oz.) - High Germination Rate - Soybeans for Seed, Sprouting Sprouts, Making Soymilk & Tofu, Food Storage

Organic Soybeans - Yellow Soy Beans. Certified Organic. Resealable Packaging. Microbial Tested. Lower Germination Rate - About 85%. Making Soymilk & Tofu. Recipes & Cooking. Food Storage. MoreThese organic soybean seeds are a very versatile bean that can lower cholesterol and protect against cancer through its healthy protease inhibitors. Organic Soybean seeds sprouts are good for keeping blood sugar under control. Soybean seed sprouts are great in salads, stir fry's, soups and breads.These organic soybeans seeds also makes great soy milk and tofu. To sprout organic soybean seeds, soak overnight in cold water then rinse regularly in whatever sprouter you use. Germination rates are usually around 85%.