These Stencils Make Your Next Painting Project So Much Easier

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You don't need to be a pro-crafter to create gorgeous DIY projects. Your secret weapon: stencils. We rounded up some of our favorite easy-to-use options below. Simply add the paint appropriate for the surface you're working with and brushes and you'll have everything you need to instantly elevate floors, furniture, and more.

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Special Messages

Gift-giving just got a lot easier thanks to these letter stencils. Featuring all 26 letters (and a few special designs), this set allows you to customize almost anything. Use it to add a monogram, names, or messages on home décor, paper, and even furniture. They're also great for creating place cards. When you're finished, simply wash the stencils with soapy water and they'll be ready for your next project. ($8;

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Tile Upgrade

If spending hundreds of dollars on decorative tile isn't in your budget, refresh a plain floor or wall with these stencils. The pack comes with four six-by-six patterns you can use on wood, fabric, and more. Made of eco-friendly translucent PET, they're also washable and reusable. Tip: Try using one for your bathroom floor and another on your kitchen backsplash for an eclectic feel. ($16;

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Earthy Element

Bring a touch of the outdoors in with this cherry blossom stencil. The 11x11-inch craft tool can be used on a multitude of surfaces with a brush or marker (just be sure to use the right kind of craft paint). Add one accent branch to a serving plate, or create a statement wall by repeating the pattern in a nursery or entryway. You can also flip the stencil for a mirror effect. ($12;

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Accent Wall

Wall stencils aren't just for adding fine details to small sections. With this option, you can cover your entire wall in a sophisticated trellis design. Attach the 20x15-inch stencil to the surface and gently paint over it. Move the piece along the wall, and be sure the edges line up for a seamless design. (Bonus: An extra stencil is included to fill the space between the wall and ceiling.) This design looks beautiful in a bedroom, home office, or even a mudroom to give your space a pop of pattern. ($31;

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Brick Illusion

If you love the look of brick but lack the material, then this wall stencil is a must-have. Not only does it imitate the pattern (each stencil measures 20x10.5 inches), but it also allows you the freedom to paint the brick any color you want. Your base wall hue will be the mortar, so choose a complementary accent color for the rectangles. You can't go wrong with red for a traditional aesthetic, or try white-on-white for a modern farmhouse look. ($18;

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