Five Stunning Place Settings You Can Display for Each Season

Dress your dining table with the proper place setting for the occasion. Whether you're hosting a holiday party or inviting everyone over for Sunday brunch, we've rounded up everything you'll need to prepare a stunning display.

Place setting featuring a pastel pink plate and a leaf napkin for spring photo

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Set the Table for Spring

If you're looking for a place setting that's great for both spring and Easter, this might be the set for you. It combines a pretty pink dinner plate with a green leaf-print napkin and wooden flatware to create a light and airy look that complements the cheery décor of the season. To top it off, we've paired these colorful picks with white accents like this eyelet placemat and floral side plate to make the pastels stand out even more.

"Eyelet White" Placemat, $4 (usually $5),

"Blush Element" Dinner Plate, $32 for four,

"Viti" Side Plate, $40 (usually $56) for four,

"Tropical Leaf" Napkin, $8 for four,

Room Essentials "Leawood" Flatware, $10 for 20-piece set,

Place setting featuring a yellow dinner plate and floral napkin for summer photo

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Set the Table for Summer

Whether you display this combination on your dining room table or bring it outside for your next pool party, you can't go wrong with this place setting. It features all of the bold colors and floral prints that probably come to mind when you think of summer, including a bright yellow melamine plate paired with a unique flower charger and floral cloth napkin. To keep the eye-catching prints and colors from overwhelming the table, use a simple set of silverware and a solid white salad plate that can be mixed and matched with other dinnerware throughout the year.

"Antiqued Ivory Melamine Scalloped" Charger Plate, $5,

"Dua Yellow" Melamine Plate, $5 (usually $6),

"Lunea Melamine White" Salad Plate, $4,

"Floral Fiona" Napkin, $16 for four,

Loft "Ombre" Flatware, $88 (usually $111) for 20-piece set,

Place setting for fall featuring a black dinner plate and a braided charger. photo

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Set the Table for Fall

If you're trying to decide whether to decorate your space for the fall season, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, know that you don't have to pick—you can have it all! Instead of choosing among your favorite holidays, combine all three looks to make a timeless place setting you can use year after year. Start with a braided jute charger to set the tone for autumn, and place a jet black dinner plate on top next to a matching set of flatware to give the set spooky vibes. To make it fit for a Thanksgiving feast, accent the bold hues with a neutral salad plate and cloth napkins printed with falling leaves.

Threshold "Natural Jute Braid" Charger, $6,

Marin "Matte Black" Dinner Plate, $8 (usually $10),

"Scavo" Salad Plate, $3.50 (usually $7),

Saro Lifestyle "Fall Leaf" Dinner Napkin, $13 for four,

Magik "Rainbow Dinnerware Stainless Steel" Flatware Set, $11 four-piece set,

Place setting for winter featuring gold accents and a red salad plate photo

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Set the Table for Winter

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer with this charming place setting for your dining table. The classic white placemat and textured glass charger are enough to bring elegance to the room, but when you add a red salad plate and gold flatware, they elevate the look to a whole new level. And don't forget the embroidered holly berry napkin for a festive touch!

PB "Classic" Placemat, $48 for four,

Viva by Vietri "Pastel Glass" Charger Plate, $34,

Spice Route Collection "Paprika" Salad Plate, $4,

"Embroidered Holly Christmas" Napkin, $16 (usually $18) for four,

"Smith" Flatware, $103 (usually $129) for 20-piece set,

An everyday place setting featuring a blue tassel napkin and a blue dinner plate photo

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Set the Table During the Off-Season

When you're not celebrating a holiday or special occasion, swap your seasonal place setting with one that'll look good all year-round. Our favorite everyday set is far from boring thanks to the fun tassel napkin and gray placemat with fringe details. Tie the cool shades together by adding an embossed salad plate with ivory flatware and a light blue dinner plate. Once you have this set out on your table you won't want to put it away!

"Melange Khadi" Placemat, $15 for four (usually $20 for four),

Cruz "Light Blue Melamine" Dinner Plate, $11 (usually $13),

Wedgwood "Intaglio" Salad Plate, $34,

Mud Pie "Tassel" Cotton Napkin, $10,

Laguiole "Ivory Handle" Flatware Set, $58 for four,