Essential Bar Tools Every Cocktail Aficionado Needs

Crafting your favorite drinks at home requires a special set of tools. If a martini is your go-to, a shaker will ensure you're ready to chill your cocktail to perfection. If a glass of wine is your evening ritual, a decanter will make sure those complex red wines are given the chance to breathe before you sip. From mixers to muddlers, these are the seven tools your home needs based on your favorite drinks to sip or serve.

Glass cocktail shaker with copper lid/strainer photo

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Must-Have Tool for Martinis: Cocktail Shaker

Martinis should be shaken, not stirred. Shake and then strain yours with the help of this copper and glass beauty. Rimmed with rubber to prevent leaks, this glass shaker holds up to 20 ounces and has a strainer built into the lid. Not big on martinis? You'll still get lots of use out of this cocktail essentials: Shakers are necessary when making various other drinks like the popular cosmopolitan or gin fiz. ($40;

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Set of six granite whiskey chiller rocks photo

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Must-Have Tool for Whiskey: On the Rocks Set

Chill spirits like whiskey without diluting them with this alternative chilling set. Instead of using ice that will melt and water down your drink, add these granite chillers for a gorgeous and effective chill. Made from granite rocks gathered from New England beaches, these chillers come with a wooden tray to hold the rocks when not in use. Keep them in the freezer and reach for them immediately before pouring and serving the drink. ($36;

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Glass cocktail mixing glass with pour spout and mixing spoon photo

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Must-Have Tool for Old Fashioneds: Cocktail Mixing Glass

Classic cocktails like old fashioneds are often stirred—not shaken—to mix and chill, which means this 26-ounce mixing glass is the ideal tool for fans of the mixed drink. Add your ice first, then your liquids and other ingredients, then stir with a long-handled bar spoon until thoroughly combined. Strain your drink over ice or into a glass neat based on your preference. ($15;

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Glass wine decanter with red wine being poured into it photo

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Must-Have Tool for Wine: Decanter

Every wine-lover should invest in a great decanter. Allowing wine to breathe in a carafe prior to drinking softens bitter tannins and allows more delicate flavors and aromas to come forward. A glass decanter like this allows the wine access to lots of oxygen, necessary for the decanting process. Whether you're drinking an affordable bottle or a vintage you splurged on, every wine can benefit from time in a decanter. ($48;

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Wooden Bar Board with 3-Piece Bar Tool Set photo

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Must-Have Tool for Garnished Cocktails: Bar Tool Set

No cocktail is complete without garnishes, which serve as the perfect finishing touch both in terms of flavor and aesthetics. This bar tool set ensures you have everything you need on hand to slice or peel the perfect cocktail garnish. The included wooden bar board is ideal for preparing produce and even displaying citrus slices or berries if your guests are crafting their own drinks. ($90;

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Glass stirring sticks photo

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Must-Have Bar Tool for Mixed Drinks: Glass Stir Sticks

Mixed drinks will naturally separate after a short amount of time. Serving drinks with a stirring stick will allow the sipper to mix whenever needed. The sticks in this set have a simple, sleek design that won't distract from the look of the cocktail—instead they add a fun and functional flourish. Plus, they're reusable to help make your home bar more sustainable. ($36 for a set of four;

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Stainless steel muddler photo

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Must-Have Bar Tool for Mojitos: Muddler

Drinks that require smashed or muddled fruit, like mojitos or whiskey smashes, require the use of a muddler. The pronged tip gently mashes fruit or herbs to release their juices, oils, and flavors prior to adding the other ingredients. Gentle muddling will release flavors while still keeping the ingredients pretty for serving. This stainless steel muddler is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and is a sleek addition to any bar cart or wet bar setup. ($10;

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