Dimond Lighting

Dimond Lighting 93-91392 Mini Rooster Table Lamp, 5" x 7" x 15"

Create a warm and comfortable mood with natural textures and colors, like those you'll find in Sterling's standard and mini Rooster Table Lamps. Composite rooster base has a Brays ford Black finish beautifully finished with the natural burlap shade. Mini lamp is 15-Inch tall and use a 15-Watt bulb, perfect for a nightlight or to create a soft glow; standard lamp is 25-Inch tall and uses a 60-Watt bulb. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to set a mood; it can radiate romance and intimacy or create a dramatic visual effect by spotlighting artwork or architecture. Lighting can also complement a room's decor while letting you express your style and with Sterling Industries you're sure to find just the light you're looking for. Sterling Industries was founded in the mid-1990s to fulfill a dream, and creativity and imagination have become the founding pillars of business. Sterling strives to incorporate inspiration from around the world into forward fresh home accents.