Designart TAP7062-32-39 ' Siberian Husky Dog in Sunglasses' Animal Blanket Décor Art for Home and Office Wall Tapestry, Medium: 32 in. x 39 in. in, Created On Lightweight Polyester Fabric

For a quick and easy home or office makeover, our wall tapestries are a great way to add a modern touch of decor and a pop of color to any room in your home or office. this animal wall tapestry is created on light weight, wrinkle resistant, polyester fabric making it very easy to install on any wall. these traditional wall tapestry is printed using high color density Italian inks to create a vibrantly colored, sharp artwork. this beautiful Siberian husky dog in Sunglasses wall hanging artwork can also be used as a bedspread, bed cover, room decor tapestry, beach throw. this animals tapestry will easily change the plainest wall into an art display. this tapestry serves as a beautiful piece of wall art and through our vast selection of designs and such easy hanging, can be changed frequently with the seasons or simply your mood. features: created on 100Percent lightweight polyester fabric anti-wrinkle easy to hang vibrant rich colors and sharp details available in multiple sizes and designs print on demand with high density Italian ink available in several sizes attribute: traditional, modern, contemporary subject: animals, country charm, photography care instructions: - hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle.