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DII Nautical Blue Round Fringed Placemat Set/6 (As Is Item) (Blue)

DII Nautical Blue Round Fringed Placemat Set/6 (As Is Item) (Blue). As Is reason: Various Reasons Option: Blue DII round indoor/outdoor placemats come in a set of 6 and are perfect for any occasion. These beautifully woven placemats give a contemporary look to any tabletop. These placemats are timeless and pair well with modern tableware as well as with more traditional tableware. DII round placemats are excellent for protecting your table from stains and scratches, extending the life of your table. Use these placemats for holiday parties, family gatherings, weddings, showers, and more. As Is: This item may have been previously used or opened and could have blemishes, scratches, dings or dents. Your purchase may not arrive in the original manufacturer's packaging or include all original accessories. This item has not been reconditioned, but was inspected for basic functionality. Manufacturer's warranties are void. This item is sold 'as is' and cannot be returned.