Deluxe Comfort

Grandma's Garden Women's Open Toe Slippers Deluxe Comfort Size: 9 - 10

Memory foam insoles allow the slipper to mold to your foot and provide the ultimate in comfort for your feet! You'll love the relief these Grandma's Garden Women's Open Toe Slipper give your feet after a long day of work. If you have a foot condition these amazing slippers will help ease your pain with their therapeutic memory foam soles. Memory Foam is a temperature sensitive material that reacts to your body heat to actually conform to the shape of your foot for a customized fit that imparts maximum comfort. Comfort Slippers are super-soft, but also supportive. With memory foam insoles, they are designed to feel good when you first put them on, and feel even better the longer you wear them. Treat yourself to the relaxation and soothing relief you deserve with these amazing Memory Foam Slippers! Deluxe Comfort Size: 9 - 10