Del Hutson Designs

Del Hutson Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Plank Shelf

Hang the Del Hutson Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Plank Shelf on the wall of your bathroom or kitchen for added storage and a rustic, charming design. This reclaimed wood shelf features a towel bar and two cubbies for stacking wash cloths or storing toiletries. Choose from available sizes and finishes. Del Hutson Bringing its handmade designs into your home, the family-owned and operated (del)Hutson Designs strives to add unique touch of rustic style to every piece. An ever-evolving brand, (del)Hutson Designs promises to incorporate new trends, colors, and styles into its products, which makes every piece truly one of a kind. Led by decor upcyclers with a serious eye for style, (del)Hutson Designs enhances your home with an array of carefully crafted decorative items.