DecorShore Mosaic Wall Sconces Tealight Candle Holders, 15"

A gorgeous set of metal wall sconce candleholders showcasing dazzling golden sands mosaic. Abstract rectangular shape features a long, mosaic panel tapering down to the tea light shaped candle holder. Illumination from the candlelight creates a dancing, reflecting light that dazzles with movement. Put the finishing touches on your room's wall decor with an artistic, handcrafted wall sconce that is truly unique! Color combination includes metallic shades of gold, citrine and chocolate opal. This candle holder perfectly matches DecorShore's 23" Silent Mosaic Wall Clock in Golden Sands.Shimmering Glass Mosaic Wall Sconces are True Statement Pieces - Contain Nearly 500 Multicolor Elegant Glass Mosaic Tiles on Each Candleholder. Backing Handcrafted from Iron and Overlaid with Beautiful Glass Mosaic.Dimensions: 15 in. x 9 in. x 3 in. (LxWxH) - Wall Mounted - Floating MountMosaic perfectly matches DecorShore 23" Mosaic Wall Clocks in Golden SandsReady to hang using your choice of hardware (not included). Contemporary, Floating mount via Iron Hanging Notch on back of sconce. Wall screw or wall screw & anchor recommended.Each Piece is Artfully Unique, Bespoke Home Decor. These Wall Sconces Tend to Sell Out Quickly - Buying While In-Stock Saves Months of Waiting for the Next Lot.