Six Decorative Accents You Can Use Anywhere in Your Home

Decorative accents sitting on a table

Whether you're moving into a new house or wanting to give your space a fresh look, these decorative accents are just what you need. From minimalist picture frames to modern geometric terrariums, we've rounded up six things that add instant charm no matter where you place them.

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Wood Picture Frames

If you find yourself looking at empty walls around your house, we suggest decorating them with a few of these wooden picture frames. Their minimalist design can be used to display artwork or family photos, and they can even be painted a different color if you want to tackle a fun DIY project. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they provide a great start to a gallery wall. (Starting at $39;

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The Martha Manual

One of the simplest ways to decorate is by setting out a few of your favorite home improvement books on your coffee table. The latest one by Martha Stewart not only has a pretty cover to put on display, but it will be your guide on how to do (almost) everything around the house. Next time you have a question about a new project you're working on, want to improve your skills in the kitchen, or even need advice on something as simple as how to bathe a cat, Martha has you covered. ($21 for a hardcover;

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Wooden Bowl Scented Candle

Place these wooden candles in your living room or dining room and they'll instantly give your space a warm, inviting feel. Perfect for fall, the Autumn Lodge scent features notes of cinnamon leaf, blue spruce, white oak, and more. This unique candle is offered in two sizes (small or large), and can be used as a decorative dish to hold small trinkets and jewelry after the wax has burned out. (Starting at $69;

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Woven Basket

This woven carryall basket is a stylish addition that can also help organize your space. Fill it with extra pillows and blankets in the guest room, or use it to keep your pet's toys in one place so they aren't scattered across the floor. The handcrafted basket is made from natural renewable resources, so you can feel good about replacing plastic storage bins for a more environmentally friendly option. Plus, its natural look will be easy to blend with the rest of your décor. ($54;

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Brass Geo Terrarium

Pick up a few of these geometric terrariums in various sizes and you'll have versatile décor you can use in almost any room in your home. Each container is made of glass with brass accents for a look that's classic yet modern. Transform the largest terrarium into a beautiful succulent garden (real or faux), and keep the smaller sizes simple by filling them with river rock and candles or a single air plant. (Starting at $20;

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Vintage Clock

What your nightstand or bookshelf may be missing is an antique-inspired decorative accent, like this classic double bell alarm clock. It has a chipped teal exterior that gives off a vintage vibe, but the inside is as good as new, making it a fully functional work of art. It even features a small light that allows you to see the time when the room is dark. Pair this clock with a vase of flowers or greenery and it'll be a timeless (pardon the pun) arrangement that won't go out of style any time soon. ($21;

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