How to Decorate Every Room with a Bold, Monochromatic Color Scheme

Gray monochromatic living room

A monochromatic color scheme doesn't have to be all neutrals (though it absolutely can be). One of the most popular interior design trends right now is adding jewel tones like teal, emerald, and violet. Use this guide to bring your favorite monochromatic palette into your space.

Blue sofa from Overstock, blue rug from Amazon, blue throw pillows from West Elm photo

Living Room: Deep Blue

The key to making a monochromatic color scheme work is balance and variety. You'll want to mix textures and shades to prevent the design from looking too flat. In the living room, a deep navy or cobalt will create a welcoming atmosphere for conversation. Anchor the design with a focal piece, in this case a blue sofa, and build from there. We recommend a darker blue for the rug (like this one from Savavieh). Its color complements without clashing, and it has over 1,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. Complete the look with some decorative pillows, like this throw pillow set from West Elm, which includes three patterned pillows to tie the whole room together.

Purple shower curtain and rug from Bed Bath & Beyond, and purple cosmetic organizers from Amazon photo

Bathroom: Purple

The bathroom provides an easy space for creating a monochromatic color scheme. Though you could choose turquoise for a spa-like feel or green for more vintage vibes, we like the unexpected style that's achieved through purple details. The color of royalty, this hue is sure to evoke a sense of luxury. Like the living room, you'll want to anchor your design around a focal piece; in the bathroom, that's probably the shower curtain. This option from Bed Bath and Beyond has a water-resistant, antimicrobial treatment that resists mildew and mold—ideal for small spaces with a lot of moisture like a bathroom. Set a plush rug (we like the floral design on this rug) next to it for both aesthetics and so your feet have a cozy place to land when you step out of the shower. Lastly, add some accessories. Naturally, soap dispensers and tumblers make great additions, but this cosmetic organizer from Amazon is a must-have for organizing makeup and toiletries. Plus, it's stackable so you can create the clutter-free vanity of your dreams.

Light blue comforter from Amazon, light blue nightstand from Walmart, and blue ombre table lamp from Overstock photo

Bedroom: Light Blue

Your bedroom should provide a relaxing escape at the end of the day. Rich jewel tones may feel too energetic for this space, which is why we suggest a light blue palette instead. You don't need to replace all of your pieces, but switching up your comforter with this AmazonBasics essential is a great starting point. It's OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it has passed rigorous safety and environmental quality assurance tests, and it's available in standard sizes to fit your current mattress. The watercolor pattern also provides a great base for accenting with other pieces. This nightstand, which has two drawers and space underneath for ample storage, comes in a beautiful blue that complements the comforter. An ombré table lamp helps balance the scheme (and light up a reading nook) to complete the calming aesthetic.