Seven Unique Holders for Your Air Plants

Tillandsia, also known as air plants, are beloved not just for their looks, but also because of their ability to thrive without soil. These low-maintenance plants need only a weekly misting, a water bath every few weeks, and never require feeding or weeding. Pair all of that with their fun, whimsical appearance and it's easy to understand why they're such a popular houseplant. If you're ready to dress your own air plants up, these unique holders will let them shine.

Two-tiered hanging plant holder displaying two air plants on a wall photo

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Two-Tiered Hanging Plant Holder

Show off your plant's unique ability to thrive without soil with this two-tiered hanging plant holder. Its neutral curved shape and light colors make for a simple, sleek display that works well with any room's décor. Made of earthenware clay, this hanging plant holder combines complementary shapes and sizes to create a look perfect for delicate air plants. ($64;

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Wooden block plant stands with the delicate wire twist of one holding an air plant photo

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Wood Block Air Plant Stand

Since they don't have roots, air plants can be displayed on stands which make them appear to float in mid-air. This wood block stand does just that and lets the color and shape of the air plant make an undeniable statement. The solid light wood block and delicate wire twist pair perfectly, offering tones and materials that contrast with wispy air plants in the best way possible. ($11;

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Gold and glass faceted plant terrariums holding air plants and succulents photo

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Gold and Glass Faceted Terrarium

Sleek gold accents turn these faceted terrariums into plant holders worthy of any desk or shelf. The glass panes allow full viewing of your plants, while the gold adds elegance and structure. Choose the extra-small size to house tiny air plants, or the large option to give your bigger air plants plenty of room to grow. These terrariums also work well with succulents, so you can display varying plants at once for a beautifully curated display. (from $17, usually from $29;

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Ceramic hanging wall planters in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors photo

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Colorful Ceramic Hanging Wall Planters

Choose one of these colorful ceramic planters to showcase your favorite air plant, or mix and match to create a colorful wall display of geometric plant holders. Pair varying sizes, colors, and shapes to hang together, and place air plants of different sizes for a truly unique look. The complementary colors and geometric shapes look great on their own or as a cohesive unit. (from $20;

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Wooden air plant frame with wire holding various air plants photo

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Teak Wood Air Plant Frame

Like an ever-evolving piece of artwork, this wood and wire frame lets you easily place and move various air plants for a truly unique finished product. The neutral design of the frame works well with air plants in any color, which means you have full artistic control and change it up whenever you desire. Bonus: This frame creates the perfect family decorating activity where everyone gets a say in the collaborative finished design. ($21;

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Set of four hanging blue and green stoneware planters photo

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Stoneware Hanging Planter Set

Hang this adorable stoneware planter set together for a cozy and cute look. The unique blue-green shade is calming and neutral, which makes it perfect for any space. Just make sure you choose air plants that are tall enough to reach up and over the sides of the pots since there will not be soil in the bottom. If your plant is too small, try adding stones or glass beads to the bottom of the planters to give your greenery a boost. ($37, usually $54;

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White ceramic pineapple pot showcasing an air plant photo

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Pineapple Pot

Feel free to have a little fun with your air plants. This adorable pineapple pot uses your plants top to mimic the top of the pineapple. The perfect addition to a bookshelf or coffee table since it's sure to be a conversation starter. ($13;

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