The Essential Oil Diffuser That Convinced Me to Get Rid of All My Air Fresheners

I got tired of taking up precious outlet space with multiple air fresheners. Now that I've tried the Area essential oil diffuser, I'm never going back to plugins. Read on to see how this smart diffuser leaves a pleasant fragrance without overpowering my space or irritating my senses.

Aera Essential Oil Diffuser

The first thing guests notice when walking into your home isn't always what it looks like—it's how it smells. I used to resort to plugin air fresheners to make my home smell like warm vanilla or a freshly baked apple pie, but after my outlets were consumed in nearly every space (including my closet), I decided to opt for a better alternative.

Enter the Aera essential oil diffuser. Making the switch to this smart diffuser had two immediate benefits: It allowed me to replace all my plugin air fresheners with something that doubles as chic décor, and I also get to reap the stress-relieving rewards associated with aromatherapy. Plus, there are so many wonderful scents (called Aera capsules, each sold separately) to choose from! My personal favorite is Log Fire, which is a noticeable yet not overpowering woodsy, smoky fragrance. I set the diffuser up in my living room, and before I knew it, my entire home smelled like a cozy winter night (and I don't even have a fireplace).

While I enjoy a good-smelling candle, this small-yet-mighty diffuser has some amazing functions (beyond dispersing a pleasant scent) that I never knew I was missing. Unlike many one-size-fits-all diffusers, I can adjust the amount of fragrance I want, depending on the size of my space and how strong I want the scent to be. I also love that it comes with a free app so I can set a timer from my phone, say, to come home to a calming aroma after a stressful day. I also set it up to stop diffusing oil right before I go to bed so I don't waste the product, even though one capsule can last for weeks. And did I mention this modern essential oil diffuser is hypoallergenic and pet-friendly? Just ask my tuxedo cat, Lady.

Aera Essential Oil Diffuser, $200,

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