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Mid Century Modern Coffee Table in Natural Wood Veneer With Oval Shape Table Top

Exceptional quality: The Colton coffee table is built for a lifetime of enjoyment. The heavy, durable engineered wooden top is covered with a smooth, richly grained walnut veneer. The top is supported by tapered steel legs which are finished in a gorgeous brushed brass. This is a table that you will love in your living room for years to come.Retro chic, minimalist design: The sleek airy design provides a clean, uncluttered vibe in your home. The Colton has an instantly recognizable Mid-century attitude with its vintage inspired kidney oval shape. The beauty of natural wood veneer has the added benefit of being easy-to-clean and low maintenance.Extremely easy to assemble: Forget about tables that take forever to put together! Assembly can be completed in less than 8 minutes. All you need is the included tools to quickly attach the 3 metal legs to the top.Versatility: This table is very easy to move and re-arrange, adapting perfectly to your lifestyle. In addition to being a dazzling focal point in your parlor, you can effortlessly pull it towards you to enjoy dinner, a cocktail or work on your laptop. Perfect for a small living room space and performs as an accent table as well.