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Find unusual clock on the wall today is easy, stopping your choice, for example, on the design options. What do those who are not willing to pay a lot of money for fancy design or short of money, but prefers the beautiful things? Traditional seemingly kind of wall clocks inspired artists to create a restrained minimalist design, not inferior to the beauty of expensive counterparts. Wall clock are made by laser cutting from environmentally friendly and safe material - plywood, which was later covered with stained American firm "Varathane", or Danish oil "Borma". The shade cover can be selected from the color map. This technology allows you to create watches with a high level of uniqueness and aesthetics, which is important in the processing of open-work and fine details. In addition, the set includes template for easy placement on a wall clock and stickers for clock gluing elements on the wall. The diameter of clock - 27,5591 inches, they harmoniously fit into any decor. Characteristics: Overall diameter 27.5 inches (70 cm) The length of the minute hand is 12 inches (31 cm) The length of the hour hand is 9 inches (23 cm) thickness of figures from plywood - 0.23 inches (6 mm) Covering - oil Type of watch mechanization - quiet Power clock - AA battery ♡In our studio you can buy original wall clock for home and gift at an affordable price. ♡