Deco 79

Deco 79 49617 Wood/Metal Candle Holder, 14" x 18"

B>description: ≪. classy candle holders make a great table accent. If you wish to spread natural light into your home interior then you would require candle holder. This gorgeous set of 2 wood metal candle holder will lighten the ambiance of your house with its presence. This set includes two candle holders, one small and other big but they look identical. The stand of these candle holders is wooden and on top there is a cylindrical style holder. These holders are made from metal and showcase quatrefoil pattern cutout design. These candle holders appear classic. <. you can light tea light, pillar candles inside it. These candle holders can be part of modern and well as traditional style house. Make it part of upcoming decoration or celebration. Easy to maintain and handle, this candle holders set is a must have. If you liked it then you must order it now! &Lt