D'Artefax DHK31-SA Diamond Knob

Enhance your fine cabinetry with some of (No Suggestions) unique decorative hardware. This stylized diamond knob was inspired by ancient diamond motifs (symbol of wisdom) with much attention given to design, detail and craftsmanship. From an early age artist-designer, dian weeks, has studied the realistic portrayal of her subject matter and has created many sculptural elements to adorn the home, office and Garden...from monumental statues to delicate jewelry and hardware. An intricate design and casting process is involved from start to finish. Each design is intricately hand carved in wax, then an industrial rubber mold is made, which pewter castings are made from. Once cast, they are then hand chased and the finish applied. Each item is offered in 5 different finishes to compliment any wood or colored cabinet finish: satin, Shiny, Brass, bronze or orb-oil Rub bronze. Quality cast in lead-free fine pewter with brass screw inserts for lasting durability. Each piece is handcrafted, manufactured and hand finished in the USA. Each knob and pull comes with 8/32 x 1” long screw(s). make your cabinets stand out by accenting them with (No Suggestions) elegant hardware with lasting quality and appeal.