Daniel Fast Cookbook Top 100 Easy, Delicious and Nutritious Recipes - eBook

What You Will Find In This Book?Daniel Fast brightens up every part of your life. Your body, your soul, your spirit, your lifestyle; it improves the way you live. It brings goodness to your entire self, both physically and spiritually.If you dont know what is it that we are talking about or if you have heard about it but could not find a complete Daniel fast diet plan, in either case you have landed on the right page. From the basics of Daniel fast diet, its benefits and 100 recipes, this book tells you all you need to know about this spectacularly healthiest form of diet.Daniel fast diet is unlike any other type of boring diet. Here you have a recipe for every age and mealtime. Having said that, Daniel fast diet is not at all difficult to maintain. The recipes are pretty easy to make and tastes very delicious. You will soon find out yourself after going through this book.This cookbook contains the following.1. A detailed guide on Daniel Fast Diet; what it includes, what should you avoid and how is it beneficial.2. Daniel fast recipes for breakfast, soups, side dishes, dips, main course, desserts and many more3. Cooking time with every recipe so that you can plan your other chores accordingly.4. Serving size and nutritional facts along with every recipe.And much moreSo dont just stop here. Keep on reading and find a way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.