Dale Tiffany

5 Multicolor Fish Handcrafted Art Glass Figurine

Always at the forefront of home design trends, Dale Tiffany is pleased to present our new collection of Fish Sculptures. Each sculpture portrays a school of stylized, elongated tropical fish that are Handcrafted using our superior quality art glass. Grouped together, each fish seem to be swimming in synchronous motion with the rest, giving the overall piece an appearance of fluid motion. Standing over 1 _ feet in height, these unique pieces command attention and will easily become the focal point in any room. This 5 Piece Multicolored Fish Sculpture features 5 bright fish in sunny shades of amber, red and blue. Each fish sits in a bracket atop a stake that is mounted on a rectangular base. The perfect gift for the aquatic enthusiast or anyone who appreciates the new and exotic, our Art Glass Fish Sculptures make the perfect pet no care or feeding required. # of Bulbs: N/AWattage: Not ApplicableBulb Type: Not ApplicableBulbs Included: No