Dakoda Love

Weathered Edge Floating Shelves, Set of 2, Autumn, 36"

- Sits flush against wall with 100% countersunk hidden brackets (includes all mounting hardware)- Handcrafted with furniture grade dry kilned pine wood- Hand wiped stain and clear coat finish- For each unit sold we donate to plant another tree- Measures 36L x 5.25D x 1.5H (in inches)True floating shelves with a weathered sanded edge, 100% countersunk hidden brackets, and a clear coat finish. For home decor enthusiasts who appreciate high quality furnishings; our shelves are the real deal. At Dakoda Love we don't take shortcuts. Every step in our system - from the 100% countersunk hidden brackets, to obtaining the perfect moisture levels before crafting with our wood - has been uniquely designed to deliver the greatest end product to you. We source, cut, plane, joint, route, and sand our wood in-house, with our own hands, to ensure the utmost consistency in aesthetics and durability. To finish our shelves we use a custom multi-step process that takes time, but uniquely achieves a smooth and refined appearance that you will be proud to showcase. We also care about giving back to our beautiful world at Dakoda Love. So for each unit we sell, we donate to plant one more tree. By doing this as a company, not only are we replenishing many times the wood that we use, we are also on the front lines to provide a healthy natural environment for generations to come. We are currently helping to plant trees across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and we are proud to do this as a company!