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Décor Direct YWSL5724 Brooksville Double Roll of Venetia Decorative Hanging Wallpaper, Metallic Silver

A Softly Gleaming Background Bears The Patina Of Passing Time, While An Elaborate Raised Design And Contrasting Inked Shadows Create An Illusion Of Deep Dimension. This Exquisite Wall Paper Possesses A Beauty Reminiscent Of Venetian Architecture. There Are Five Enchanting Palettes; Among Them Is Antique Mirrored Silver With A Cream And Taupe Pattern. Elevate Your Home Décor With Beautifully Designed Wallpaper That Is Both Beautiful And Functional. This Roll Is A Double Size Which Means 2 Rolls Combined Into 1. Venetia Design In A Subtle Shade Of Metallic Silver The Wall Paper Features A Straight Match Type And A 25.25 In. Repeat Style. Proudly Crafted And Created By Decor Direct. At Decor Direct, We Have Been Hard At Work Designing Unique, Innovative And Fashionable Home Décor With Trending Design Inspiration And Excellent Materials. Each Piece Is Crafted With The Utmost Care From Design To Delivery.