CYS Excel

Geometric Ruby Faceted Gem Glass Vase, Rosebud, Set of 12

Height - 8" | Body Max Width - 4.25" | Opening Max Width - 2.25" | Color: Red (painted)Vibrant, crimson red glassFaceted indented sides with narrow openingSuitable for unique floral, candle, or succulent terrarium displaysMade from heavy, handcrafted glassThese eclectic, faceted, gem-like vases are part of our special collection of table-top geometric glass vases. They are excellent for eclectic decor and modern homes. These trendy and stylish rugged pieces have a classy vintage stained glass feel to them, with an alternating indented diamond pattern around the red glass, similar to the Argyle Vase Design, except this particular design is smaller and noticeable tapers up to the rim. The opening and base are hexagonal in shape.NOTE: These items are hand-crafted by artisans overseas. When working with such delicate and thin material, factory perfection cannot be achieved, so imperfections may occur. Clean and care: GENTLY wipe down with a cloth. Harsh scrubbing will remove its color.