Cutipol - Duna Flatware Set - 75 Piece

Add elegance to place settings with this beautiful 75 piece Duna cutlery set from Cutipol. Made from luxurious stainless steel, each piece is individually wrapped in tissue and has a stunning angular handle. This complete set includes 12 of each, table forks, table knives, table spoons, dessert forks, dessert knives, tea spoons and one soup ladle, one serving spoon and one serving fork. Perfect for updating a dining table on a special occasion, to care for your pieces, avoid detergents, hand wash or place in the dishwasher and dry immediately. Key features: * Material: stainless steel * Set includes: * 12x table fork: L21.2xH0.3cm * 12x table knife: L22.2xH0.4cm * 12x table spoon: L21.2xH0.4cm * 12x dessert fork: L17.3xH0.3cm * 12x dessert knife: L20.3xH0.3cm * 12x tea spoon: L12xH0.2cm * 1x soup ladle: L26.2xH0.3cm * 1x serving spoon: L26.2xH0.4cm * 1x serving fork: L25xH0.4cm * Avoid using detergents, hand dry immediately * Dishwasher safe or hand wash